Steps to prepare for your appointment:

  • Make sure you have the EMERGE app installed on your phone.


  • Make sure you are signed in into your account – Still do not have one? Sign Up using the same e-mail the doctor used to communicate with you if he has invited you to use EMERGE.


  • Find a private and quiet location with a strong internet connection, sufficient lighting and no interruptions. The doctor will not be able to conduct the consultation if you don’t meet these criteria. Inappropriate locations include:

Driving in a car

Public spaces (shopping centres, parks)

Common areas at your workplace

  • Go to your phone’s Settings app to enable the following app settings for the “EMERGE” app so that you will be able to receive your video call:

Apple: Turn on Camera and Notifications

Android: Turn on Notifications, Camera, Microphone and Telephone

  • Have your device nearby with the sound switched on, a strong internet connection and plenty of battery life remaining.
  • Come prepared with any relevant information about your previous medical history or medications, and the top concerns or questions you want to discuss

What to expect when attending your appointment

  • You will receive Email reminders before your appointment. Make sure you have your app open a few minutes before the appointment start time so you’re ready when the doctor starts the appointment.
  • When the healthcare provider will call, you will receive a push notification on your phone prompting you to tap to start your video consultation.