Why choose a verified vendor for a Telehealth solution in Ontario?

Verified Solutions

As a doctor practicing in Ontario, you are no doubt aware of the importance of being able to bill your consultations through the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). In order to do so, you must use a telehealth software that has been verified in Ontario.

One option to consider is EMERGE, a telehealth software that has been recognized as a verified vendor. This means that EMERGE has undergone extensive testing and review to ensure that it meets the highest standards for quality and security. By choosing EMERGE as your telehealth software, you can be confident that you are using a platform that is approved for billing through OHIP.

Comprehensive Platform

But EMERGE is more than just a verified telehealth software – it is also a comprehensive platform that can help you to streamline your workflow and provide better care to your patients. With features such as virtual care, online booking, automated scheduling, and patient reminders, EMERGE is the ultimate telehealth solution for Ontario doctors.

In addition, EMERGE is user-friendly and easy to use, making it simple for you to get started with telehealth consultations right away. And with ongoing support and training available, you can be confident that you have the resources you need to succeed with telehealth.

Top Choice

Overall, EMERGE is a top choice for Ontario doctors looking for a verified telehealth software that can help them to bill through OHIP and improve their practice. We invite you to try EMERGE for yourself with a free DEMO and see the difference it can make for your practice.